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    The 15th Annual Thornton-Massa Lecture Series!

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    Colorado State University is honored to have world-renowned Dr. Cary Fowler visit campus on Sunday, October 26th to share his expertise in this special seminar titled “A Plan of Action for Plant Genetic Resources”. Dr. Fowler has produced and implemented some of the most important research on crop diversity. Click for more information.

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    Special Monday Seminar with Dr. Cary Fowler

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    On Monday, October 27th in the Grey Rock Room of the LSC, CSU’s 15th Annual Thornton-Mass Lecturer, Dr. Cary Fowler, will present a special seminar to our research community in a seminar titled “Visualizing a Global System for Conserving Crop Diversity”. Please click for more information.

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    Support the College of Agricultural Sciences & the Department of BSPM

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    For 2014-2015, we have set goals of engaging our partners and organizations to invest and endow scholarships, as well as recognize the combined 100-year careers of Bill Jacobi, Ned Tisserat, and Howard Schwartz, 3 distinguished and productive plant pathologists who have contributed to this region and who have retired or will be retiring during 2014 to 2015.

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  • Rice research at Colorado State University

    Professor Jan Leach featured in the Coloradoan’s Meet the Professor

    Rice research at Colorado State University

    University Distinguished Professor and Professor of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management Jan Leach talks to the Coloradoan in “Meet the Professor”

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    Dr. John McKay Awarded $1.5 Million for Biofuel Development

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    McKay, who also holds the title of Monfort Professor, and his team will focus on the plant species Camelina sativa, an oilseed feedstock crop that can be grown on less-than-ideal farmland with relatively low fertilizer inputs and limited irrigation. Click to read more


About BSPM

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Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management is a unique department among US Land Grant Universities, encompassing the disciplines of Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science.  As important as our disciplinary history is our interdisciplinary, problem solving orientation in the crosscutting areas of: 1) Genomics and Molecular Biology, 2) Ecology and Biodiversity, 3) Biology and Management of Invasive Species, and 4) Integrated Pest Management.