C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity

Dr. Boris C. Kondratieff- Director


Dr. Paul A. Opler- Assistant Director

The C. P. Gillette Museum of  Arthropod Diversity houses approximately three million specimens, and has  excellent representation of most orders of insects especially with a strong in  the coverage of Rocky Mountain species, but also southwestern species. The  collection houses holdings of national importance in the aquatic insect orders,  the Lepidoptera, the Diptera, and the Hymenoptera. The Collection houses 82  primary types and about 2,000 secondary types (Baker, Evans, Gillette, James,  Kondratieff, Opler, Palmer). The associated Bruner Family Library contains  important systematic literature. Research, undergraduate and graduate training,  and outreach activities are prominent among museum related activities.

museum home

Laurel Hall-700 Oval Drive, Fort Collins CO 80523-1177