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New Work from Dr. Hufbauer's Lab!

“Evolutionary adaption is not exactly something one would expect to watch in real-time. Because evolution in humans and many animals can take hundreds or even thousands of generations, researchers need to use a more rapidly evolving species as a model to track changes that might then be applied to more slowly evolving lifeforms. Through the…

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2017 Best Teacher Award: Matt Camper

Every year, the CSU Alumni Association recognizes the most outstanding CSU teachers with the Best Teacher Awards. Teachers are nominated by students and alumni and are selected by a committee of faculty, students and members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. For 7 years, Matt Camper has taught entomology in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences…

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2017 Spring Awards: William M. Brown Professional Development Award

Spring of 2017 brought with it rain, sunshine, pollen, and awards! The recipients of this years William M. Brown Professional Development Award were as follows: Sarah Miller Sarah will be heading to the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii. This meeting combines professionals including scientists, educators, and students to improve horticultural practices…

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