Insect Information

All materials needed in another accessible format can be made available upon request.

Arthropods of Colorado Fact Sheets

This is a listing of about 200 downloadable fact sheets related to insects and other “bugs” found in in Colorado. It contains fact sheets that are written for the Colorado Arthropods of Interest series and the Extension fact sheets that are related to insects.

Miscellaneous Insect Information

This contains a variety of downloadable fact sheets and pamphlets on diverse miscellaneous subjects, from “Bug Mugs” and “Life in a Colorado Water Garden” to “Mystery Bites and Itches” and “Commercially Available Sources of Biological Control Organisms: Sources and Uses in Colorado.”

Emerald Ash Borer Information

This is a listing of downloadable publications, web links and other resources related to the presence of emerald ash borer in Colorado.

Japanese Beetle Information

This is a listing of publications and other resources to assist with understanding and managing Japanese beetle in Colorado.

Bed Bug Information

This is a listing of downloadable publications, web links, and other resources that can be used for helping manage bed bugs.


This is a listing of some publications and web links related to bees, particularly bees native to Colorado.

Hemp Insect Information

This links directly to the Hemp Insect Website, which includes information being developed to better recognize and manage insects associated with industrial hemp.

Master Gardener Information

This includes the handouts and PowerPoint presentations (as PDF) used in Master Gardener Entomology training. These will get updated annually at the end of the winter/spring training programs.

Recent Extension Presentations

This is a listing that provides the PowerPoint presentations (as PDF) of most Extension entomology programs conducted during the past 12 months.

May 1, 2017: Boulder Pollinator Workshop (Longmont, CO)

May 6, 2017: Gardens on Spring Creek (Fort Collins, CO)

May 16, 2017: Jefferson County Advanced Master Gardener (Golden, CO)

May 23, 2017: Denver Master Gardener Evening Program (Denver, CO)

June 7, 2017: Wyoming Teachers College Entomology Program (Laramie, WY)

July 6, 2017: Eleventh Biennial Short Course (Fort Collins, CO)

August  7, 2017: American Phytopathological Society Annual Conference (San Antonio)

September 21, 2017: Utah InService Training Program (Kaysville, UT)

September 22, 2017: Utah First Detector Program (West Jordan UT)

November 5, 2017: Entomological Society of America, Annual Meeting (Denver)

November 9, 2017: ISA-RMC Annual Conference (Denver)

December 6, 2017: RMRTA Annual Conference (Aurora)

December 7, 2017: CWMA Annual Conference (Colorado Springs)

January 10, 2018: Annual Kansas Arborists Conference (Topeka)

February 1, 2018: Today’s Horticulture Conference (Longwood Gardens)

February 6-7, 2018: Western Colorado Pest Management Conference (Grand Junction)

February 15-16, 2018: The ProGreen Expo (Denver)

February 24, 2018: Organic Hemp Innovations Conference (Denver)

March 8, 2018: Colorado Arborists and Lawn Care Association Spring Conference (Aurora)

March 9, 2018: Colorado Pest Control Association Spring Conference (Aurora)

May 2, 2018: ISA Tree Fund/Utah State University, (Webinar)

May 18, 2018: El Paso County Greenhouse Workshop

June 6, 2018: Plant Select Annual Conference (Denver)

July 18, 2018: Biological Control Short Course (Canon City)

July 21, 2018: Hands on Workshop at ACRES (Lakewood)

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