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Undergraduate Courses


Insects, Science, & Society


Insect Biotechnology

Applied & General Entomology

General Entomology Lab

Horticultural Entomology Lab

Agricultural Entomology Lab

Ecology and Management of Weeds

Understanding Pesticides

Elements of Plant Pathology

Integrated Tree Health Management

Evolution and Classification of Insects

Principles of Systematic Zoology

Aquatic Insects

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Integrated Pest Management

Parasitology and Vector Biology

Graduate Courses

Fundamentals of

Topics in Plant Pathology – Plant Bacteriology

Herbicide Selectivity and Action

Advanced Systematics

Forest Health Issues

Advanced Evolution & Classification of Insects

/BZ 526

Evolutionary Ecology

Invasive Plants and Weeds: Ecosystems to Molecules

Scientific Writing

Advanced Molecular – Plant Microbe Interactions

Advanced Integrated Pest Management

Immature Insects

/BZ 575

Molecular and Genomic Evolution

Plant Biochemistry in Agriculture

Plant Molecular Genetics

Other Courses Taught by Faculty

LIFE 102

Attributes in Living Systems

LIFE 103

Biology of Organisms – Animals and Plants

Plants and Civilizations

GES 542

Biobased Fuels, Energy, and Chemicals

ECOL 571

Advanced Topics in Ecology

Interdisciplinary Seminar in Ecology

CSU Online Plus Courses

Weed Management and Control

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