Faculty Affiliates




Baker, Dirk Colorado State University Weed Science
Bean, Daniel Colorado Department of Agriculture Entomology
Beck, K George Colorado State University Weed Science
Bitume, Ellyn Université Catholique de Louvain Ecology
Blodgett, Sue L Iowa State University Entomology
Blumenthal, Dana USDA Ecology
Bowers, M Deane University of Colorado, Boulder Entomology
Bright, Donald C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity Entomology
Buschman, Lawrent Kansas State University Entomology
Claassen, Victor University of California, Davis Soil Science
Cushing, Paula E Denver Museum of Nature and Science Zoology
Des Marais, David Space Science & Astrobiology at Ames Geochemistry
Drummond, Boyce III Colorado Natural Heritage Program Zoology
Elliot, Norman ARS/USDA Entomology
Fairchild, Matthew USFS Entomology
Gilligan, Todd USDA Entomology
Gray, Cody United Phosphorus Inc. Weed Science
Hansen, Richard USDA APHIS Entomology
Hanson, Linda ARS/USDA Plant Pathology
Hardegree, Stuart ARS/USDA Plant Physiology
Hutcheson, Harry CFIA’s Centre for Animal Diseases Entomology
Jacobi, William Colorado State University Plant Pathology
Johnston, Danielle Colorado Parks and Wildlife Habitat Biology
Jugulam, Mithila Kansas State University Weed Science
Kim, Mee-Sook Kookmin University Plant Pathology
Kniss, Andrew University of Wyoming Weed Science
Krell, Frank Denver Museum of Nature and Science Entomology
Kruger, Greg University of Nebraska Weed Science
Latchininsky, Alexandre University of Wyoming Entomology
Leatherman, David Colorado State University Entomology
Leung, Hei International Rice Research Institute Plant Pathology
Lundquist, John US Forest Service Entomology
McAllister, Janet Center for Disease Control & Prevention Entomology
McNary, Timothy Colorado State University Entomology
Melbourne, Brett University of Colorado, Boulder Evolutionary Biology
Meneley, Jan C AgBio Inc. Plant Pathology
Merrill, Scott C University of Vermont Ecology
Moore, Chester Colorado State University Entomology
Negron, Jose US Forest Service Entomology
O’Meara, Carol Boulder County Horticulture
Olson, Brian Monsanto Weed Science
Panella, Lee ARS/USDA Plant Genetics
Preston, Christopher University of Adelaide Pest Management
Ramsey, Craig USDA APHIS Weed Science
Ruppel, Earl Colorado State University Plant Pathology
Rykken, Jessica National Park Foundation Botany, Plant Pathology & Entomology
Saski, Christopher Clemson University Genetics
Savage, Harry Center for Disease Control & Prevention Entomology
Schoettle, Anna US Forest Service Plant Ecophysiology
Shaner, Dale L ARS/USDA Plant Physiology
Sher, Anna Denver University Plant Ecology
Smith, Richard  University of New Hampshire Plant Biology
Stephens, Sky Colorado State Forest Service Forest Entomology
Sullivan, Melinda USDA APHIS Plant Pathology
Talley, Sharon USDA APHIS Ecology
Thum, Ryan Montana State University Plant Pathology
Tilahun, Ferdu Hawassa University Agricultural Entomology
Tisserat, Ned Colorado State University Plant Pathology
Triplett, Lindsay CAES Plant Microbiology
Van Sluys, Marie-Anne University of Sao Paulo Plant Pathology
Veblen, Thomas University of Colorado Plant Ecology
Vera Cruz, Casiana International Rice Research Institute Plant Pathology
Verdier Michel, Valerie Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) Plant Pathology
Walters, Terrence USDA APHIS Botanist
Webb, Kimberly ARS/USDA Plant Pathology
Weissmann, Michael University of Colorado Museum Entomology
Wiles, Lori Colorado State University Plant Pathology
Zuellig, Robert U.S Geological Survey Ecologist

Photo of Donald Bright

Donald Bright

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Chris Preston

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Michael Weissmann

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