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Office: 18B Hartshorn
Lab: E103 Plant Sciences
Phone: 970.491.7314

Website: C.P. Gillette Museum

Research Interests

My general interest is systematics of insects, including their life history and ecology. I am also interested in developing manuals for the identification of major groups of insects in Colorado. I am the curator of the C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, a three million-specimen collection. Current research interests include: (1) biodiversity surveys for wild lands and other landscape, (2) revisions and descriptions of new or poorly known species, especially Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Diptera, (3) systematic surveys of poorly known insects of Colorado, especially present or potential pest species, and (4) management and curatorial aspects of the Colorado State University’s C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity.

Courses I Teach

Livestock Entomology (Spring)

Identification, biology, and management of insect, tick, and mite pests.


General Entomology Lab (Fall)

A beginning course in the biology and taxonomy of insects, emphasizing adaptations of insects to their environment and identification of insects commonly encountered.


Agriculture Entomology Lab (Fall Even Years)

Introductory course to the biology, recognition and control of arthropod pests of agronomic and vegetable, rangeland, livestock and poultry.


Evolution and Classification of Insects (Fall Odd Years)

Major groups of insects, living and fossil; major evolutionary trends in structure and behavior.


Principles Systematic Zoology (Spring Even Years)

Principles and methods of classification, zoological nomenclature, taxonomic decisions regarding species and higher categories.


Aquatic Insects (Fall)

Biology and recognition of major orders and families of aquatic insects; a collection is required.


Advanced Systematics (Spring Even Years)

Theory and practice of modern systematics.


Advanced Evolution & Classification of Insects (Fall Odd Years)

Major groups of insects, living and fossil; major evolutionary trends in structure and behavior.


Immature Insects (Spring Odd Years)

Characteristics of immature forms of orders and families of insects emphasizing those important to man.


Selected Publications

Abdel-Dayem, M., H. H. Fad, A. M. El-Torkey, A. A. Elgharbawy, Y. N. Aldryhim, B. C. Kondratieff, A, N. Al Ansi, and H. M. Aldhafer. 2017. The beetle fauna (Insecta, Coleoptera) of the Rawdhat Khorim National Park, Central Saudi Arabia. Zookeys 653: 1-78.

Fairchild, M. P., T. P. Belcher III, R. E. Zuellig, N. M. K. Vieira and B. C. Kondratieff. 2017. A rare and cryptic endemic of the Central Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.: The distribution of the Arapahoe snowfly, Arsapnia arapahoe (Nelson and Kondratieff, 1988) (Plecoptera: Illiesia 13: 50-58.

Lessmann, J., J. M. Guayasamin, K. L. Casner, A. S. Flecker, W. Chris Funk, C. K. Ghalambor, B. A. Gill, I. Jacome-Negrete, B. C. Kondratieff, L. N. Poff, J. Schreckinger, S. A. Thomas, E. Toral-Contreras, K. R. Zamudio, and A. C. Encalada. 2016. Freshwater vertebrate and invertebrate diversity patterns in an Andean-Amazon basin: implications for conservation efforts. Neotropical Biodiversity 2(1)

Polato, N. R., M. M. Gray, B. A. Gill, K. L. Anderson, C. G. Becker, A. S. Flecker, B. C. Kondratieff, A. C. Encalada, N. L. Poff, W. C. Funk, and K. R. Zamudio. 2017. Genetic diversity and gene flow decline with elevation in montane mayflies. Heredity 1-10. Doi.10.1038/hdy.2017.23

Seltmann, K. C., N. S. Cobb, L. F. Gall, C. R. Bartlett, M. A. Basham, I. Betancourt, C. Bills, B. Brandt, R. L. Brown, C. Bundy, M. S. Caterino, C. Chapman, A. Cognato, J. Colby, S. P. Cook, K. M. Daly, L. A. Dyer, N. M. Franz, J. K. Gelhaus, C. C. Grinter, C. E. Harp, R. L. Hawkins, S. L. Heydon, G. M. Hill, S. Huber, N. Johnson, A. Y. Kawahara, L. S. Kimsey, B. C. Kondratieff, F.-T. Krell, L. LeBlanc, S. Lee, C. J. Marshall, L. M. McCabe, J.V. McHugh, K. L. Menard, P. A. Opler, N. Palffy-Muhoray, N. Pardikes, M. A. Peterson, N. E. Pierece, A. Poremski, D.S. Sikes, J. D. Weintraub, D. Wikle, J. M. Zapspel, and G. Zolnerowich. 2017.  LepNet: The Lepidoptera of North America Network. Zootaxa 4247: 73-77.

Shah, A. A., B. A. Gill, A. C. Encalada, A. S. Flecker, W. C. Funk, J. M. Guayasamin, B. C. Kondratieff, N. L. Poff, S. A. Thomas, K. R. Zamudio, C. K. Ghalambor. 2017. Climate variability predicts thermal limits of aquatic insects across elevation and latitude. Functional Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12906

Verdone, C. J. and B. C. Kondratieff. 2017. Studies of Georgia with the description of a new species of Soyedina Ricker, a new state records and an annotated checklist. Illiesia 13: 30-49.

Verdone, C. J. & B. C. Kondratieff. 2016. A new species of Isoperla Banks (Plecoptera: Perlodidae) from the Appalachian Mountains, Virginia & West Virginia, U.S.A. Illiesia 12: 74-85.

Zhou, X, P. B. Frandsen, R.W. Holzenthal, C. R.Beet, K. R. Bennett, R. J. Blahnik, N. Bonada, D. Cartwright, S. Chuluunbat, G. V. Cocks, G. E. Collins, J. deWaard, J. Dean, O. S. Flint, A. Hausmann, L. Hendrich, M. Hess, I. D. Hogg, B. C. Kondratieff, H. Malicky, M. A. Milton, J. Morinière, J. C. Morse, F. N. Mwangi, S. U. Pauls, M. R. Gonzalez, A. Rinne, J. L. Robinson, J. Salokannel, M. Shackleton, B. Smith, A. Stamatakis,R. StClair, J. A. Thomas, C. Zamora-Muñoz, T. Ziesmann, and K. M. Kjer.  2016. The Trichoptera barcode initiative: a strategy for generating a species-level Tree of Life. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2016.0025

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